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Furnace Repair and Install

The first gas furnaces were invented in the late 1800’s. Prior to that, most homes were heated with wood-burning stoves. After hundreds of years of innovation, furnaces are now available to safely and effectively heat your home with up to 98% efficiency. Here at Yeti Plumbing and Heating, efficiency and cost are important considerations in every recommendation for our customers. Our professional furnace installers have top-of-the-line training that help them go beyond being just another “furnace guy”.  Whether you require an emergency furnace repair or an annual furnace servicing, our service experts are here to walk you through any concerns you may have.

How long do residential gas furnaces last?

Furnaces typically last 15-25 years if installed correctly and serviced regularly.  Annual maintenance on a furnace can extend its life expectancy!

How much does a furnace installation cost?

Many factors are considered when quoting a furnace install, including furnace efficiency, size and installation complexity. New furnace installations can range from $4500-$6500 or more. Our furnace installers provide our clients with flat rate accurate quotes with no surprises! After a furnace is installed, always have it inspected by a gas inspector to ensure proper installation. If you are considering replacing your furnace, feel free to give us a call for a quote today at 403-617-5040.

What is the cost to repair a furnace in Calgary?

Furnace repair costs can range anywhere from $200-$1000.  Extra costs may be incurred for emergency furnace repairs on weekends to cover the fee to open part distribution centers outside of business hours. Our highly trained furnace technicians can identify signs of failing parts during a furnace tune-up, saving our customers money in preventable emergency fees!


Yeti Plumbing and Heating is here for you when you need us the most. We understand having heat in you home or business is crucial. If your heating system is not functioning, we have technicians working around the clock to ensure we can get your system up and running right away – give us a call today!

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